The 3 Areas that Robert Specialises in are –

Life, Career and Business Skills, giving you the confidence to improve the quality of your life.

Professional Speaking Engagements

Robert Elrington is the consummate sales and motivation trainer. He has also led an extraordinarily interesting life. Combine these two factors with an outstanding ability to speak in front of an audience, and you have the ingredients for a guest speaker which will inspire, motivate, and challenge your audience. His talks will make you cry, make you laugh, and teach you some valuable new ways of thinking.
Bring Robert in to motivate your team and watch the profits increase, attitudes improve and loyalty maximised.

Mentoring – Coaching For Your Personal Life

The major benefits to you for getting your PERSONAL ACTION PLAN done now is:

You will make better decisions and be more decisive.
You will have better balance in your life, career and business.
You will have more self-confidence and happiness in your life.
You will have less stress and worry in all aspects of your life.
You will make it easier to achieve financial freedom.

Mentoring – Coaching For Your Business & Career

Do you want to increase Productivity, Staff Retention, Attitude and Recognition in your business? Do you know what you need to do to Motivate Staff, Improve Work Culture, Increase Profits and Reduce Absenteeism?
Bring Robert in to motivate your team and watch the profits increase, attitudes improve and loyalty maximised.

Personal Mentor-ship

✔ Spiritual Intuition

✔ Health & Well-being

✔Career & Financial

✔ Relationships & Family

✔ Education & Learning

Business Mentorship

✔ Managing – Leadership & Planning

✔ Attitude – Training & Expectations

✔ Marketing – Message & Branding

✔ Communication – Selling & Benefits

✔ Purpose – Heart & Mission

Robert has over 35 years of coaching and mentoring, specialising in personal and business development. He’s developed highly effective mentoring programs and Robert’s holistic approach to mentor-ship, focuses on particular areas in personal and business mentor-ship as the two go hand in hand.

He has worked with innovators, doctors, teens and entrepreneurs alike. Helping them to reach their highest potential in both their life and business, improving relationships, and income potential of all his mentees.

Get in contact with Robert now and find out how he can assist you in making great changes in your life to achieve success and happiness.